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Sherwood’s Spirit of America, Inc. vs AXA Insurance D-101-CV 2012-01352.

This involved a denial of insurance proceeds to my art dealer client on damage to an ancient piece of Native American pottery valued at $60,000. The confidential settlement included a bad faith damage component.

Jones v. Harris News D-202-CV-2006-04695

I sued an uninsured Texas pornographer, who had created dozens of shell companies to shield him from liability, in a case where his sales clerk attacked my client with a baseball bat at one of his movie houses in Albuquerque. The clerk smuggled the video of the attack out of the store before police arrived; I used this fact in voir dire to determine who was “with me” on the spoliation of evidence claim. The verdict resulted in a punitive damage award exceeding $900,000; we hired an outstanding collections expert to get the money.

XO Communications v. Orchard View Physicians, Inc.

I represented the defendant, an urgent care clinic, in an action against the clinic to enforce liquidated damages on a service contract. The action settled prior to arbitration at 26% of the Plaintiff’s demand.

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